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Growing up I always loved fashion and being one of a kind. I loved searching the racks and loved when my friends would ask where did you get that! I studied Fashion in high school and majored in Fashion Merchandise in college and absolutely loved my job at the mall during those years. But growing up in a family business, the daughter of cabinet maker, my first career would be following another path of being a kitchen designer and the wonderful opportunity of working with my Dad and creating one of kind custom pieces of a different sort for our customers. In those 20 plus years my Dad taught me so much about running a business and most of all how to treat customers. Then everything in my world changed not long after my birthday in 2011 when without warning we lost my Dad in an accident. My mom, Jan, who also helped build our family business from the ground up, decided it was her time to live her dream. Fours years later she graduated top of her class from the University of Alabama! This inspired me in so many ways! I decided it was time for me to do the same and jump out there to do what I love! With the blessing of my husband Tom, my daughters Shelby and Josie and helping hand from my Mom I started The Sassy Shopper. At first online only with the idea of helping moms on the run to shop online but part of my passion is helping my customers who I think of as friends, find the perfect outfit and if you ever have met me you know I’m a talker and love talking to you and getting to know you. Just made since to take the leap and open a store! My belief is that the majority of us are “Real Women” in the middle, maybe not 3x and maybe not sz4. We all have stuff to flaunt and stuff to hide I like to say! I try to find pieces that work well on all of us real women. So we can all be stylish and comfortable. I still love anything unique so I am always looking for items like that and one of a kind jewelry pieces also. Didn’t take me long to decide on the name The Sassy Shopper because if you read the meaning of the word Sassy it says it all! Every woman in one way or another! We are all Sassy! What’s yours??




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